Thursday, July 3, 2008

A stat that needs to be looked at

Last night in the bottom of the seventh the Cubs have a 5-2 lead. Carlos Marmol comes in to give up three runs on a Ray Durham bomb! Then Fontenot hits a solo shot to give the Cubs a 6-5 lead. Kerry Wood comes in for the save, and Carlos Marmol gets the win? There's something wrong with that. It happens all over the league, and it's mind boggling. I believe that win should go back to the starting pitcher. Dempster in this case. Or perhaps Kerry Wood should get the win AND the save. Or shit, give the win to Mike Fontenot. Marmol did nothing to earn that win. Nothing! Any perspective on this from any readers, please share.

The Cubs have won two out of three at AT&T Park against the Giants. Can they beat Tim Lincecum? This kid(and I mean kid,) is unreal.
He's 9-1, with a 2.38 era, and 114 strikeouts to 43 walks. Opponents are batting a shabby .233 off him.
Sean Gallagher takes the mound for the Cubs. His last outing was poor, and I see a Cubs loss tonight against this young phenom for San Fran. The Cubs bats are great this year, but with Aramis away and Soriano on the D.L. still, we lose quite a bit.
Jim Hendry has been one of the better General Managers around the league as far as picking up players at the break. His off-season moves for free agents has been superb as well, considering the Cubs buy many free agents and trade for players. Right now we have Soto and Theriot playing well out of the minor leagues. Who else is there? The Cubs just can't get it together down there.
The Cubs rotation is was a mess without Zambrano in it. I feel no confidence throwing Dempster, Gallagher and Marshall in a series. You saw what the White Sox did to them! I give all the credit in the world to "Dumpster", who is still looking for his first road win. He's been great this year, and I believe he can continue his success, but if you have a series when Gallagher and Marshall pitch two of the three, you're done for. No question about it. Add Marquis in the mix? Shit man.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Jim Hendry is quoted as saying that he and the organization is not handcuffed by potential buyers on trades, pick-ups and spending more money. We need to get somebody in here for the second half. I don't see the end of the century of pain with this staff. Now, I understand pulling off a deal like this can be difficult, considering the Indians might not like any players we could package for him. We could give him an extension though, as opposed to let's say the Brewers. Erik Bedard might be on the block, and he has one more year on his contract, which would be more desirable.
Will we see Jeff Samardzija get a start this year?
Cubs are slumping and limping into the All-Star break. A three game series at the Cardinals ends the first half for the Cubs.
They should be healthy and ready to go after that, and I'm reaaly looking forward to the trade deadline................ Obviously.

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Brett Favre "itching to come back"? I hope he decides soon for all us fantasy geeks. What a "fuck you" that would be to Aaron Rodgers. What a "fuck you" that would be to rest of the NFC North. Sick em' Bears!

The Seattle Super-Sonics are paying 75 Million to leave the city. They have been there 41 years, winning a championship in 1979. This whole deal was soooooo shady, with David Stern going along with it. Seattle should be furious. What a bunch of dicks. I always liked the Sonics team colors, and I'm sorry to see them go. The team of Gary Payton, Kemp, Detlef(however you spell it), Hawkins, Sleepy Sam, etc, was as exciting of a team that I ever witnessed. I am sorry to see them go, even though I am in bed for most of those games at home.

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Fantasy football fun!!!!