Sunday, December 31, 2006

Liddell-Ortiz 2

Well folks it went down pretty much how I anticipated. Liddell out boxed Ortiz until he Knocked him down and man punched him for the win in the 3rd round. This goes back to my theory that a good boxer can beat pretty much any one. It's just a theory though.

On the cusp of a new year, I am sad. The Bears are playing the Packers tonight in Soldier Field in what might be Brett Favre's last game. I should be there, but I won't. My folks got me tickets for the game, which I received on Christmas morning, along with a new firetruck and tickle-me-Elmo doll. Unfortunately, I work in a restaurant. Not knowing I would have the opportunity to go to the game, I was scheduled to work, all day, all night. After calling some of my coworkers, I quickly realized getting out of the shift wasn't in the cards. Seeing Brett Favre throw a record setting interception, while being eliminated from the playoffs, would not be my fate. Both tickets passed to my brother, Timmy. I wished him Godspeed to tailgating and kickoff at noon.

But wait, much like the evil Sauron himself, NBC, capitalizing on the "Brett Favre might retire frenzy," (now in it's third year and running) invoked their powers to claim the game as the Sunday evening game. Here it changes from a sad day for Phil, to a screw job of my brother and the entire city.

Timmy is a New Years baby. He and his girlfriend have twenty-five people coming over for his birthday, as well as, a New Years celebration. The guests are set to arrive around eight p.m. Scratch Timmy from the list of fans passing through the turnstiles tonight.

This is a common enough story throughout the city and suburbs of Chicago. Parties are in conflict. Parking in the city is fucked. Restaurants are scrambling to provide t.v.'s in dining rooms to hold reservations. Mayor Daley, I'm sure, is already planning his revenge. Make NBC pay, make them pay.

Happy New Year's everyone. Go Bears!

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games

  • College football: MPC Computers Bowl, Miami vs. Nevada, at Boise, (ESPN, 7:30 p.m.)
  • Men's college hoops:
    • San Jose State at Duke, (FSN, 1 p.m.)
    • Dayton at North Carolina, (FSN, 3 p.m.)
    • Washington at UCLA, (FSN, 5 p.m.)
  • NFL:
    • Regional coverage, (Fox and CBS, 1 and 4:15 p.m.)
    • Green Bay at Chicago, (NBC, 8:15 p.m.)
  • Boxing(?)
    • Pavlik-Pierre (MIDDLE-WEIGHTS), (VERSUS, 4 P.M.)
Local games.
  • Men's college hoops:
    • San Jose State at Duke, (CSNCHI, noon)
    • Washington at UCLA, (3 ILL-03, p.m.)

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sports On T.V. today.

National Games.
  • College football:
    • Meineke Car Care Bowl, Navy vs. Boston College, at Charlotte, (ESPN, 1 p.m.)
    • Alamo Bowl, Texas vs. Iowa, at San Antonio, (ESPN, 4:30 p.m.)
    • Chick-fil-A Bowl, Georgia vs. Virginia Tech, at Atlanta, (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
  • College men's Hoops:
    • Georgetown vs Michigan, (ESPN2 , noon)
    • Connecticut vs. West Virginia, (ESPN2 , 2 p.m.)
    • Stanford vs. Arizona, (FSN, 2 p.m.)
    • Missouri State vs. Creighton, (ESPN2 , 4 p.m.)
    • Nevada vs. Gonzaga, at Seattle, (ESPN2 , 6 p.m.)
  • College women's hoops:
    • Arizona State vs. Stanford, (FSN, 8 p.m.)
  • NBA:
    • Cleveland vs. Chicago, (WGN, 8:30 p.m.) Is WGN still national?
Local Games.
  • College Men's Hoops:
    • Stanford vs. Arizona, (CSNCHI, 1 p.m.)
    • Oregon vs. Oregon State, (CSNCHI, 3 p.m.)
    • Washington State vs. Southern California, (CSNCHI, 5 p.m.)
    • Northern Iowa vs. Wichita State, (CSNCHI, 7:30 p.m.)
  • AHL Hockey:
    • Rochester Americans vs. Chicago Wolves, (3 ILL-03, 7 p.m.)
Vague National/Regional Games.
  • High School Basketball:
    • T-Mobile Invitational, (VERSUS, 3 p.m.)

Friday, December 29, 2006

If You Have No Plans For New Years Eve, Chris and Tank are throwing a bash.

The Fox Robot: The Definitive Discussion

Do you know what I love about today's NFL coverage? Robots.

I read blogs, and seen on television, people complain about the Fox Football Robot, I just can't understand it...

I fucking love that Fox Robot, not so much the one that actually plays futuristic robot football (as seen in his 25-second demo reel here). I'm talking about the everyday Sunday robot, the one that fades you in/out of commercial breaks... he warms you up, starts up with doing a little calisthenics, but then, he takes a break and starts waving his finger, and talkin' shit.

I imagine he is talkin' shit to other robots he will be playing later on that day. Robots who told him "you will never make it to professional robot league football"...
Maybe he is talking shit to me, because god knows I deserve it. Or maybe he is just psyching himself up in the mirror pre-game.

It's nice how Fox keeps the robots current. Like on halloween, we saw halloween-pumpkinhead robot, and likewise, robotic trash-talkin' turkey for thanksgiving.
Even before the game on Sunday, I was thinking "God help me, lets see a santa robot", behold, a fucking santa robot. I was at my girlfriends parents house in Detroit (yikes), I pumped my fist on the table, and I was like "Yeah! Santa Robot! Lets Go!", her various uncles just stared at me.

So I don't see why you can't have that robot dressed in a diaper, with a "2007" sash and top hat. A New years shit-talkin' baby robot. Its the only thing that could top that robotic turkey waving its finger at me.

I have also noticed that the Fox Robot wears number 34. I was excited that Walter Payton's corpse had been re-constructed RoboCop-style as the Fox Football Robot. Unfortunately, I think I might have seen a Cowboys Star on his "helmet". And that confused me, because really, a Herschel Walker Robot is a waste of our time. Or maybe, that robot is just how Herschel Walker pays his bills.

Seriously, I need a picture of that robot, for next years Christmas card. I wonder if there is an graphics department guy at fox I could contact...

Todd Wright "All Night" is a terrible show. Jim Rome is better, although he has a replacement until next year. The callers ruined that show. I had to listen to music on the way home from work last night about eleven p.m. I love music. Love it. I even create it, but on the way home from work I just desire wasteoids talking about sports, with all the how ya doing's, am I on's, and all the "yeah uh" you can handle. Those were the thoughts of last night though. I have let that anger go, for now.

Allen Iverson looking real good in that Denver jersey huh? Interested to see him team up with currently suspended Carmelo Anthony.

Don't come after me Jason Taylor, but are you so squeaky clean that you can rip on Merriman? Admit it, you at least pick your nose don't you?

Scott Boras is a money maker. He is making baseball difficult for many. Have fun with Barry, Barry. Also, have a good time on that mediocre team.

Dennis Savard Brings some respect back to the Blackhawks. Still, I can't get into it unless they decide to play a few games a year on my television. Oh, by the way, I only get 2,5,7,9, and local Fox.

I was listening to Mike and Mike in the morning today. If you don't know who these guys are, you are probably missing something. A great duo in sports radio They are 30-30 picking NFL teams with the spread. I decided to pick these games myself. Why? It's a geek thing, that's why. Perhaps someone will take me up and make some money. Probably not.

On Saturday.
Giants giving 2.5 at Washington. I'd take the Giants here, wouldn't you. Washington really sucks. I hate both these teams. Go Bears!

On Sunday.
Bears giving three at home to the Packers. I don't see the Bears losing this one, no matter who is playing. Bears should win by ten I hope.

Baltimore at home is giving nine to Buffalo. This is a tough match-up. Nine is a ton of points to a Buffalo team that might be getting better. Hmmmm. I will take Buffalo here.

Cincinnati is giving 6 to the Steelers. Another tough match-up. I'm picking Cincy to win the game, but not cover the spread. Gamble on the Steelers, who have gotten to 7-8.

Dallas at home are 12.5 favorites against the Lions. I expect Dallas to come out and prove something to Big Tuna fish. Cowboys will pound the Lions.

Houston at home giving 4 to Cleveland. Cleveland sucks at 4-11. Houston pretty much sucks at 5-10. Phil Dawson all day? Maybe. I would still take Houston at home.

Indianapolis giving a nine spot versus the Dolphins. I think the Colts are struggling and that is a lot of points. Addai a bit banged up. With a ticked off Jason Taylor and Ronnie Brown, I would. Yes I would take the Dolphins. I hate the Dolphins. Go Bears!

Jax getting 2.5 at Kansas City. Chiefs here.

Minnesota at home gets 2.5 from the Rams. Rams.

Carolina giving three at New Orleans? Carolina will play against the scrubs early. Can they win then? You better hope so if you take this one.

Jets at home are giving 12.5 vs. the Raiders. Pick Jets to win but not to cover the spread. A lot of points to make up here.

Philly at home gives 8 to the Falcons. Take the hot team in the Eagles.

Tampa Bay at home giving 3.5 to the Seahawks? Sure, why not. See what Rattay did the the Bears? Take a chance here, though not too confident.

Tennessee giving three points at home to Tom Brady? Yeah right. Patriots.

Denver 10.5 home favorites over the Niners. I see Denver covering this.

And finally, San Diego at home gives 13.5 to the Cardinals. Take the Chargers? Two touchdowns for L.T.

Good Luck!

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games.
  • College football:
    • Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, Clemson vs. Kentucky, at Nashville, (ESPN, 1 p.m.)
    • Brut Sun Bowl, Oregon State vs. Missouri, at El Paso, (CBS, 2 p.m.)
    • AutoZone Liberty Bowl, South Carolina vs. Houston, at Memphis, (ESPN, 4:30 p.m.)
    • Champs Sports Bowl, Purdue vs. Maryland, at Orlando, (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
    • Insight Bowl, Texas Tech vs. Minnesota at Tempe, (NFLNET, 8 p.m.)
  • College men's Hoops: Wake Forest vs. South Florida, (ESPN2 , 7 p.m.); Illinois vs. Xavier, (ESPN2 , 9 p.m.)
Local Games.
  • NBA: Bulls at Raptors (CSNCHI, 6 p.m.)
  • AHL Hockey: Chicago Wolves vs. Peoria Rivermen (3 ILL-03, 7:30 p.m.)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games.

  • College football:
    • Petro Sun Independence Bowl, at Shreveport, La., Oklahoma State vs. Alabama (ESPN, 4:30 p.m.)
    • Pacific Life Holiday Bowl, at San Diego, Texas A&M vs. California (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
  • Men's college hoops: Rutgers vs. North Carolina (ESPN2 7 p.m.); UNLV vs. Texas Tech (ESPN2, 9 p.m.)
  • High school basketball:
    • Girls T-Mobile Invitational, at Seattle:
      • Third-place game, teams TBA (VERSUS, 4 p.m.)
      • Championship game, teams TBA (VERSUS, 7 p.m.)
    • Boys T-Mobile Invitational at Seattle:
      • Third-place game, teams TBA (VERSUS, 5:30 p.m.)
      • Championship game, teams TBA (VERSUS, 8:45 p.m.).
  • NBA: Phoenix vs. Dallas (TNT, 8:15 p.m.); Seattle vs. Denver (TNT, 10:30 p.m.)

Local Games.

  • College Football: Houston Bowl, Rutgers vs. Kansas State (NFLNET, 7p.m.)
  • Men's College Hoops: MVC, Baby! Drake vs. Evansville (3 ILL-03, 7p.m.); Washington State vs. UCLA (CSNCHI, 9:30 p.m.)
  • Women's College Hoops: Penn State vs. Illinois (CSNCHI, 7p.m.)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Randy Foye is different...

...and may have an unfair advantage.

Thanks to my friend (and Minnesota fan), Jason for this little bit. Turns out, Randy Foye, isn't like you and me. His heart is on the opposite side, along with the rest of his internal organs. Wierd. I'm not sure if this condition (Situs inversus) had anything to do with his game-winning, runner off the glass last night, with 1.8 on the clock, to beat me Bulls, but I'm not ruling it out either.
So, when he puts his hand over his heart during the national anthem, he puts it on the other side? How can I be asked to not fear something so unAmerican. He's tried to keep it a secret for most of his life, not caring for the extra attention. To bad, Randy. It's out there and I'm freaked. I call for his immediate suspension. Get this guy on the table, cut him open and see if there are any valuable nutrients he can offer us.

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games.
  • College football: Emerald Bowl, Florida State vs. UCLA, at San Francisco (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
  • Men's College Hoops: Bradley at Northern Iowa (ESPN2, 9 p.m.)
  • High school basketball:
    • Girls T-Mobile Invitational, first round, at Seattle:
      • Winter Haven (Fla.) vs. Collins Hill (Suwanee, Ga.) (VERSUS, 4 p.m.)
      • Issaquah (Wash.) vs. St. Elizabeth (Wilmington, Del.) (VERSUS, 7 p.m.).
    • Boys T-Mobile Invitational, first round, at Seattle:
      • Solon (Ohio) vs. LeFlore (Mobile, Ala.) (VERSUS, 5:30 p.m.)
      • O'Dea (Seattle) vs. Fairfax (Los Angeles) (VERSUS, 8:30 p.m.).
Local Games.
  • NBA: Heat vs. Bulls, (CSNCHI, 7 p.m.)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Some of the random sports related sh!t I thought about today...

Do the White Sox think that Don Cooper is THAT good of a pitching coach? You can't fault the man's work so far but... jeez. Chubby Hurlyburly, Garland, Old Man Jose, Javier "5 and 2/3" Vasquez, and a young 'un? OK.. that could work... bullpen seems fine.... lots of firepower... I hope that the guy they got for McCarthy gets the fifth spot. What's his name? Danks? That would be sweet, "Man, Javy got shelled last night, harsh. It's cool though, we got the Dank tomorrow."

When did Margaret Cho start golfing on the LPGA tour under the name Christine Kim? (Check out The Sports Illustrated "Faces in the Crowd" Issue 12/15/06)

I can't believe I lost my Fantasy finals.....

Where did Mike Williams leave his hands? Did he lose them in the year he spent "coaching" at USC? Thanks Maurice... I hope that you and the Israeli mob are happy....

Speaking of which, what Ohio State player from this year's championship (they WILL beat Florida) will get mixed up with the mob, and from which country will that mob come from? My vote is for Quinn Pitcock and the IRA.

I hope Phil writes about Romo snowing the Pro-Bowl voters. (!) Although, getting to allegedly bang/date/just be friends with Carrie Underwood would be sweet.....

Oh, and by the way, Bob Costas... Don't joke about having too much egg nog unless you are really drunk. Get my hopes up and then just dash them. Mr Fing Emmy winner. Just do the halftime show, blow the levity out your ass.

Damn though, who wouldn't love to see Costas doing the highlights jacked out of his head on coke?

I can't believe I lost in my Fantasy finals... never should have told the wife.... at least I got the entry fee back... F that man! the one week LT doesn't go for 30+... Fing Frank Gore... Fing Romo...Fing Ravens D.... FING LAWRENCE "LARRY" TYNES!

PS -- Who knew that Ethiopia had an air force?

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games.
  • College football: Motor City Bowl, Middle Tennessee vs. Central Michigan, at Detroit (ESPN, 7:30 p.m.)
Local Games.
  • NBA: Bulls vs. Timberwolves, (CSNCHI, 7 p.m.)
  • American Hockey League: Chicago Wolves vs. Milwaukee Admirals (3 ILL-03, 7 p.m.)
Vague National/Regional Games.
  • Men's College Hoops: Houston vs. Arizona (FCSP,7:30 p.m.); Weber State vs. Washington (FCSP, 9:30 p.m.)
  • NHL Hockey?: Bruins vs. Bluejackets? (VERSUS?, 7p.m.)

Monday, December 25, 2006

NFL Week 16, or the Bears second Preseason

The Bears beat the Lions. The D looked beatable. Mark Anderson keeps making plays. Greise came in with the Bears down. Surprisingly, he did not throw five touchdown passes. He did lead a game winning f.g. drive. Whatever. I could dwell on the negative, but I'll just chalk it up as a meaningless game, that they won, with little to play for. (crossing-fingers)

Everyone off the Romo/Cowboys bandwagon now? Way to get a trip to Hawaii out of it, Tony. Way to prove you don't deserve the trip, T.O.

I gotta think it sucks playing QB for Nick Saban. Cleo Lemon gives you the best chance to win, plus he quenches any thirst.

The ESPN Sportscenter: Monday Night crew, Wingo, Salisbury and Hodge. Are there three guy on sports t.v. clinging more pathetically to their receding hairline than these three? I keep waiting for Merrill Hodge's toupee to hold out for more money, (truthfully) claiming responsibility for Merrill's success.

I hate the stat, QB rating. This might need it's own post. It's useless, telling me nothing about the game I couldn't learn from a box score. I can't calculate it without assistance while reading the box score, so I don't really know what it means. The Titans have won six straight despite their QB, Vince Young, having a rating of 69.7. Sean Salisbury's career rating? 72.9. Who you taking?

Sports On T.V. Today. 12/25/06

National Games.
  • NBA: L.A. Lakers vs. Miami, (ABC, 2:30 p.m.)
  • NFL: Philadelphia at Dallas, (NBC, 5 p.m.); New York Jets at Miami, (ESPN, 8:30 p.m.)
Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Gatorade Bath

A customer of mine wondered aloud last night, "Who invented the Gatorade bath?" I ventured to guess that the Giants had back in '86, (actually '87 was the year of their Superbowl, after the '86 season) that's the first time I remember seeing it.

After some quick googling, it turns out I was right. There is some dispute as to which player gave Parcels his first bath. The American Management Association website states that Jim Burt was first to splash the syrupy liquid on his coach. Most others claim it was Harry Carson. Without the video, I'm alittle sceptical about Carson given his grumpiness in interviews. But it takes two, so let's say they both had a hand in it.

I was surprised to see the amount of writing dedicated to this ritual. Some loving and exhaustive, most of it negative. Seems people are sick of it. They think it's cliche and juvenile. Bryant Gumbel, jerk-off circa '05, had this to say.

"I'm officially asking them to please...order your directors to stop shooting the old and tired, regularly executed, totally predictable, absolutely unfunny, Gatorade bath of the winning coach at game's end. When linebacker Harry Carson of the Giants started dousing Coach Bill Parcells it was cute and different. Now, 20 years later, it's a thrill only for those still into the macarena. It's simple really. You've already ordered your directors to ignore the jerks who leap from the stands onto the field. And you've clearly told them to avoid the cell phone nerds who wave at the cameras. So will you please now suggest they ignore the neanderthals who still think the Gatorade bit is clever. We all know that if you stop showing it, they'll stop doing it. You guys can phase a dated and tired gag out of existence. You have the power. Make this football season and those to come a lot more enjoyable, so please, at least think about it. In advance, gentleman, thank you for considering this one simple request. We'll talk about the stupid crowd shots another time."

Wow, Bryant, you compare the harmless fun of minor tradition, the coaches, fans and players to criminal trespassers, while also calling them "neanderthals" and "stupid." You'll never get a job calling games for the NFLNETWORK.

I started with a simple question. What I discovered was the integrity of my football championships were being threatened by this simple ritual. One the "neanderthal" players may have been dreaming about doing since they were children. Come to think of it, let's lose the roses at the Rose Bowl. I mean, how old is that anyway? And that tired bit when each player and coach on the NCAA Championship team climbs that ladder to cut off their piece of the net. How long does that take, really? Forever, I think. It's obviously disrespectful to the net, plus a waste of money. I would gladly go without seeing the joy on their faces as they do it. That's not what sports is all about.

T.V., you control so much of my life, please start exercising more control over these problems, as well as our sports viewing experience.

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games
  • College football: Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, Arizona State vs. Hawaii, ( ESPN, 8 p.m.)
  • Golf: Wendy's 3 Tour Challenge, (ABC, 4 p.m.) (tape-delay)
  • NFL: Regional coverage (Unless you got the package, Lucky Bastard.), (CBS, and Fox, 1 and 4 p.m.)

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Like To Be Disliked.

I Dislike Your Favorite Team, one of my favorite sports blogs and inspiration for this site, has given us a shout-out on their site. This is the best holiday gift we could have received. Well, except maybe Brett Favre setting the career interceptions record against the Bears. (Quinn, you'd like that to I'll bet.)

Thanks guys.

We only ask that you be gentle. We are in our infancy.

Without listing everyone, the links to the right are all of the highest quality sports writing I can find, so far. Read them.

Sports On T.V. Today.

National Games.
  • College Football: Bowl, South Florida vs. East Carolina, (ESPN2, 1 p.m.); New Mexico Bowl, San Jose State vs. New Mexico, (ESPN, 4:30 p.m.); Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl, Tulsa vs. Utah, (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
  • Men's College Hoops: Texas vs. Tennessee, (ESPN, 12 p.m.) Miami (Fla.) vs. Louisville, (ESPN, 2 p.m.) Ohio State at Florida, (CBS, 4 p.m.); Bucknell vs. Texas Tech, (ESPN2, 4:30 p.m.)
    • Regional Coverage of Men's College Hoops: Boston College vs. Kansas or Michigan vs. UCLA, (CBS, 2 p.m.)
  • Golf: Wendy's 3 Tour Challenge, at Henderson, Nev., (ABC, 4 p.m.) (tape-delay)
Local Games.
  • NBA: Charlotte at Chicago, (WGN, 8:30 p.m.)

The General Ascendant. aka The Magnificent Bastard

Later this afternoon there is a very good chance that Bobby Knight will surpass Dean Smith's record for career victories with a Texas Tech win over Bucknell, and I don't know how I feel about that.

Dean Smith is a class act. Bobby Knight is a pain in the ass with a history of rude behavior toward students, fans, IU administrators, etc etc etc.... Dean Smith was a Civil Rights pioneer in the Chapel Hill, NC area. Bobby Knight, while clearly NOT racist, was once photographed whipping Calbert Chaney with a towel (Bad Call). Smith spawned a tightly knit North Carolina "family." Knight once blew off former star player and opposing coach Steve Alford over some perceived slight and has caused many a recruit to transfer.

All that being said... Bobby Knight is one hell of a basketball coach. His teams execute, play real defense, rebound, move without the ball, and are disciplined. I love watching a Knight coached team. The screens his players set, Jesus... textbook. And the press conferences, oh doctor the press conferences. Classic comedy. His players comport them selves with dignity and for the most part GRADUATE! How fing novel!

Once, while watching The Illini hang one on the Hoosiers in Champaign, my father pointed out that Knight had sat down on the bench, legs crossed, hands behind his head, after popping a couple Certs in to his mouth. Pop chuckled, "Christ, that man can make sucking on candy look arrogant... hell of a coach though." I think that sums up Knight perfectly for me.

No one is a saint. I'm sure Dean Smith was a prick at times, and at the end of the day all that matters is the scoreboard. So kudos to you General.... you magnificent bastard.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Ron Karkovice Fan Club has an excellent post breaking down the Bulls current success, their improvements since the circus road trip and the difficulties they have against quality defensive ball clubs. I agree with pretty much everything he says, as well as the comments by Hideki Matt Suey.

I think the Bulls top priority should be improving their low-post game. Obvious, I know. Most sports talking heads like to use the term, "go-to guy" when discussing Bulls needs. They usually mean Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, etc. But I don't think they need a franchise player, what they need is a low-post scorer.

The low-post scorer is to basketball, what the running game is in football. What a high O.B.P. lead off man is in baseball. It's about executing your game plan with low risk, high percentage plays.
It sets up everything else.

The Bulls might get this from Sweetney (after he delivers his baby) or perhaps Deng can grow into a reliable post player given some time and commitment from the coaches.
It doesn't have to be Garnett, it could be Zach Randolph.

Well, maybe not Zach Randolph...

ANYWAY, think about it Scott.

Sports On T.V. Tonight.

National Games.
  • NBA: Houston at San Antonio, (ESPN, 8 p.m.); Washington at Phoenix, (ESPN, 10:30 p.m.)
  • College Football: The New Orleans Bowl Rice vs. Troy (ESPN2,7 p.m.)
Local Games.
  • NBA: Bulls at Knicks (CSNCHI, 6:30 p.m.)
  • Men's College Hoops: Indiana vs. IUPUI (WYIN, 7 p.m.)
  • American Hockey League: Chicago Wolves vs. Houston Aeros (3 ILL-03, 7:30 p.m.)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sports On T.V. Tonight.

National Games.
  • NFL: Vikings vs. Packers (NFLNET, 8 p.m.)
  • Men's College Hoops: Tulsa vs. Oklahoma (ESPN2, 4:30 p.m.); Pittsburgh vs. Oklahoma State (ESPN, 7 p.m.); Gonzaga vs. Duke (ESPN2, 9 p.m.)
  • NBA: Pistons vs. Cavaliers (TNT, 8:15 p.m.); Wizards vs. Kings (TNT, 10:30 p.m.)
  • College Football: Vegas Baby!! PureVision Baby!! The Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl BYU vs. Oregon (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
Local Games.
  • Men's College Hoops: Idaho State vs. Illinois (WCIU, 7 p.m.)
  • American Hockey League: Chicago Wolves vs. San Antonio Rampage (3 ILL-03)

You're Ruining It.

Thanks to With Leather for the heads-up on this story, and for the images.

All I can say is, it used to be about the competition. It used to be about the sport. It used to be about, two hot (Or not so hot. Whatever.) women climbing into a tub, filled with twenty-pounds of instant mash potato's, wearing nothing but a bikini and seeing who's WANTS IT.

When I say IT, I mean our cheers and twenty drunken offers to, "help you get that off."

The point is, we respected them.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Padding my stats.

So, I've thrown so old posts on here. They appeared first at my other blog. Mainly, to increase the content of the site, but I also wanted to inflate the perception of my contributions. Like when you read Bill Simmons book and wonder where you read what you are reading before. Oh yeah, in his free column on Page 2 last year. (See, ripping Simmons in my first post makes it seem like I know what I'm doing. Like I've been doing this awhile.) I haven't been, but I hope to.

The Mighty Quinn is on board, so we must be doing something right. Shelto, Bren, Liz... Get on it.

Sports On T.V. Tonight.

  • Men's College Hoops: Memphis at Arizona (FSN, 8:30 p.m.); Arkansas at Texas (ESPN2, 9 p.m.); LSU at Washington (FSN, 10:30 p.m.)
  • NBA: Cleveland at New Jersey (ESPN, 8 p.m.); Dallas at Seattle (ESPN, 10:30 p.m.)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Is this thing on?


I'd like to say how pleased I am to become a blogger. I have read many blogs in my day, and I must say that I am excited to read/help write this one in particular. Now, that is not only due to the fact that I have been allowed to join by the blog's founder, Mr. Phil Hendricks, but the quality of the commentary I believe will occur. Mr. Hendricks is, as many of you know, an entertaining fellow with a tremendous amount of knowledge in many fields, and by the by, quite witty to boot. If you want to get a taste of what's in store for you check out the blog entitled, "God's Own Suburb." Delicious.....

Also, from what I have heard the other voices you'll experience here are second to none. It's an array of fans, key word there.. fans, that will offer up honest and frank opinion on sports, and hell, I think that there just might be a laugh or two along the way. So strap up, hunker down, and stretch. The fun has just begun....

Well, that's it for now... I must go prepare for the Braggin' Rights game.... That's Mizzou v. U. of I... Blood feud you know.... ILL... INI...

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Stuck on 25.

Taking our eyes off the national elections and turning them to some local news. Joe Newton has been suspended by the IHSA for violating the maximum amount of contact days, 25, with athletes during the off-season. The violation occurred during his off-season camp, which lasts 35 days. The suspension also includes assistant coach Charlie Kern. The York boys cross country team they coached won the IHSA class AA State Finals on Nov. 4th. It was their fifth straight year winning and the 26th in school history, but neither of them will be listed as coaches on the team this year.

Joe Newton is the John Wooden of Illinois high school cross country. 25 state titles in 50 years; he was also a coach at the Seoul Olympics. I never ran for Coach Newton, but both my brother's did.

Here is the transcript for an interview I conducted this morning via email with Tim Hendricks, my youngest brother and Godfather of Patrick. He's a former Elmhurst resident, and strangely, still registered to vote here.

Timmy, what years did you attend York HS? 1992-1996

What teams were you on that he coached? I was on the track team 1994, 1995, 1996, sophomore to senior years and Cross Country team in 1994 and 1995, junior and senior years.

What titles or accomplishments did you or the team have? The cross country team won the state meet in 1994 and placed second in 1995, breaking our streak of 6 straight state titles. In 1995, I ran on two all-state relays, placing 6th in the 800 meter relay and 5th in the mile relay. The track team placed 3rd in state in 1996

How would you describe him as a coach? He is a motivator that demands a lot from his runners. He expected a lot from his runners and he let you and every one on the team know when you weren't performing to his expectations. He knew everyone's name on the teams, and we always had more than 100 kids on both the Track and Cross Country teams, and everyone had the same rules.

Where you taught by him outside of being coached? Gym class? I never had him in gym class.

If so, how would you describe him as a teacher? From what I witnessed of him while teaching gym he was more relaxed and he didn't really care what you did as long as you treated him with respect.

Can you describe a difference between; Joe Newton the Coach and Joe Newton the Teacher? Joe Newton the coach yelled a lot more and expected greatness from his runners. It didn't appear he expected much from his students except again to treat him with respect and in turn he would treat the students with respect.

How would you describe him as a man? He is a willful person that is driven to be the best at whatever he puts his mind to.

Was he strong? In what way?
Yes, he is a very strong person. He was in his late 60's when he coached me 10 years ago and he got up early every morning to run until he was physically unable to. So when running was to hard on his body he got up every morning to work out in the pool.

Could you take him in a fight? I doubt it, while I was running for him. Maybe now.

What nickname did Joe Newton give you? Mother Hen. The same as my older brother. (Our middle brother, Danny.) His nicknames were not always original but every one had one. (This blogger never received a nickname. I was merely, Hendricks.)

Has Joe Newton ever tried to kiss you? No.

Do you have any opinion about this suspension? I don't have any real strong opinions on the matter, I have thoughts. I think that there is to much scrutiny on amateur athletes, rules that apply to the very few and make it hard on the average athlete, who is competing because they enjoy the sport. High School Athletes can be suspended if they are found to be competing in other organizations outside the IHSA. However, rules are rules and Mr. Newton violated one. This rule I tend to agree with. I believe it is in place to protect the students from over ambitious coaches. High school athletes are not pros, they are not even college athletes, and sometimes coaches need to be reminded that their sport is not the only thing in a students life. This rule protects students from coaches demanding their players be in attendance more than they probably should be. After all, the great majority of High School athletes do not participate past the high school level and even though off- season work-outs can not be required by coaches, and are voluntary, we all know that is not the case for the best athletes.

Do I think 35 days instead of 25 days over the summer is a big deal, No. But that is the number of days the IHSA has decided on. I feel bad for Coach Kern who now has to miss the track season for the violation.

Timmy, have you ever tried to kiss Joe Newton? No.

And finally Tim, why does your fantasy football team suck so bad? Your team sucks.

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Honor Among Thieves and The Truth Will Set You Free.

Up until now he has been easily the most successful and high profile baseball player linked to the current steroid scandal in baseball. Maybe not so much anymore.

Jason Grimsley, a journeymen right-handed reliever who last played for the Arizona Diamondbacks, has named names after being found in possession of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), steroids and amphetamines. Each name kills the kid in me alittle more.

Grimsley getting busted was a fairly big deal. The people he is talking about now make it a much bigger deal. It also continues the destruction of an entire generation of sports heroes.

He named Roger Clemens among others. Without this scandal, Roger Clemens is one of the best players to ever play, as is Barry Bonds. If this sticks to either of them in the form of hard evidence, and Barry might already, they are frauds, liars and phonies.

Driving home from work, ESPN Gameday on the radio, John Seibel said something about Grimsley I found interesting. Without a direct quote, he claimed that if he was in Grimsley's place he would hope he kept quiet about what other people did. That naming others in his confession was a second wrong.

Why does everyone think they are in Goodfella's? Why is there some kind of expectation of honor for these people. They are in this position because they lied, cheated and broke the law for their own gain.

It is this misguided sense of honorable silence that allows crooked cops and corrupt politicians to get away with it just the same as baseball players. What would make you think that they wouldn't sing like a canary?

Why would their silence be reason for respect.

The little kid in me would like to see something. I think it would be cool if Jason Giambi, maybe the only guy to come close to admitting
publicly he used steroids, who then came back to perform at a high level even after having a brain tumor, got in front of the camera, admitted he did it and using his current success as an example, tell the kids playing ball they don't need it.

I thought I needed it and I don't.

Maf54: Cool.

Cool is right, Congressman Mark Foley.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Brett Favre can't hurt you anymore.

It's all over. Nothing more to fear. The worst nemesis in Chicago Sports history is done. Brett Favre shouldn't be feared any longer.

All sports teams need rivals. It happens naturally. One team plays another. You cheer for your team, boo their opponents. Loyalties are based, mainly, on location. If you are from Chicago, or the area, the Bears become your team. If you play a team every year, competing for a Divisional Championship, the rivalry grows.

Sports have been in Chicago a long time. We have two baseball teams, a hockey team, basketball and football. In all that time, none of those teams has had an enemy like Brett Favre.

Isiah and the Pistons were tough, but the Bulls broke them over their legs and went on to much greater heights. We even adopted Dennis Rodman as our own for awhile. Reggis Miller? Maybe, but only for one year, in one series. The Knicks? Please.

The Cubs have the Cards, and previously the Mets, but the Cubs have never been serious contenders for anything. No single team, or man, has ever stood between them and glory. Usually, it's just themselves.

The Sox biggest rival is the Cubs, a team that's not even in their league.
Also, divisional realignment has changed their yearly rivalries. The winning of The World Series last year washed away so many bad memories. On their way to the top they didn't have to face anyone or any team that had historically bested them. There is no Yankees to their Red Sox. Go White Sox!

Hockey, well, no one
really pays attention to the Blackhawks. If they do, then I assume their public enemy #1 is the owner himself.

The Bears greatest rival is the Packers. We play them twice a year and have been for nearly a hundred years. And, we are a Bears town. Even when the Bulls were collecting championships they had to fight for headlines with Dave Wanndstedt. Kevin Butler of the '85 Superbowl Championship team still does commercials here. You ever hear a Judd Buchler commercial? Nope, it's all about the Bears here.

And the Bears hate the Packers.

Brett Favre is Green Bays quarterback. He has been for 211 straight games.

We hate Brett Favre. Here's some number to illustrate why.

Brett Favre first start was on Sept. 20, 1992. He hasn't missed one since.

Games versus Bears, by season.
'92 1-1 CH W in GB.
'93 0-2
'94 0-2 CH beaten in season series by a total score of, 73-9.
'95 0-2
'96 0-2
'97 0-2
'98 0-2
'99 1-1 CH W in GB by blocked FG. Nov. 1, Payton passes
'00 1-1 CH W in GB.
'01 0-2 CH swept by GB despite going 13-3 and winning division.
'02 0-2
'03 0-2
'04 1-1 CH W in GB.
'05 2-0 CH first season sweep of Packer since '91, the freakin' year I graduated high school.
'06 1-0
Total 32 games played, 9 Bears wins, 22 Bears losses.

We didn't win in Green bay from 10/25/92 till 11/7/99. That streak was broken just days after Walter Payton had passed away. Emotionally, the greatest game I've ever watched.

Brett Favre had a 13 game winning streak in Soldier Field. I went through my twenties never seeing the Bears beat the Packers in Chicago. This guy made it a yearly ritual to come to Chicago and beat our butts in. Virtually every Packers game during my six years in college was misery. Highlighted by a Halloween smack down in '94 that still haunts me.

This past Sunday, the Chicago Bears beat the Green Bay Packers, in Green Bay, 26-0. That's right!! 26 to Nothing!

It is the first time Brett Favre has ever been shutout in his NFl career. It is the ONLY time Brett Favre has been shutout in his life. Brett Favre has played in more straight games at the quarterback position then anyone else in the history of the NFL. He had our number like no one ever has. But we beat him in his last home opener, cause this year is it for him.

Yeah, he was a great QB. First ballot Hall-of-Famer. I always thought he was a bit of a frontrunner. Sure, he won a Superbowl, but when he ran into a team that punched back the next year, he blew it.
He should have retired two years ago when everyone loved him. Now, everyone is just sick of him. He's proving to be a bad teammate, selfish and unwilling to change. Unwilling to help a bad team move on without him.

Enjoy the next 16 weeks, Brett.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

John Effin' Madden Football '07: You gotta Save Your Game.

Dirty's comments in my Maddenday posting got me thinking...

And then I stopped thinking and played the new John Madden Football '07...

Then the kids got up from their nap...

As they were jumping on the bed. Pushing... Shoving... Tackling... I thought I saw into their future.

The things the would accomplish. The friends they would share them with.

Their games of John Madden Football '19 30th Anniversary Edition.

I know I saw my past... Would they remember this moment? Would I?

Patrick the younger came and set his two-year-old hands on my knees. Reaching for the PS2 controller in my lap.

"Hold on Buddy, gotta save my game."

When moments like this come along, you gotta save your game.

I welcome anyone else's Madden Football memories.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

John Effin' Madden Football '07: My John Madden Football Career.

Time: 1994

Place: Our college house on Flora Way.

To Much Time On The Clock.

My buddy Brendan and I are playing Madden for maybe the millionth time that year. The game is very high scoring and we each take the lead back and forth. I'm sure we are playing the '93 version. A solid version we would stick with for a number of years, if memory serves.

Brendan often loses. Badly. That he might win this game is a big deal. For him and for me. He scores with about 7 seconds left in the game.

I don't think he said a word.

We never talked much trash in our house. We just thought it was disrespectful to treat your friend that way.


We took it waaaay to seriously, plus there was always an Alpha Male when it came to these games. If you were the best at Madden you probably weren't the best at NHL. Unless you wanted to eat it the next time around keep your mouth shut. That's just how we played. (And, to be fair to Brendan, he did once strike me out in slow pitch softball.) We also never punted the ball (pussy move.) Or kicked field goals for the win (cheap pussy ass move.)

We were crazy and, I might add, flunking out of college.

So I have the ball, after returning the kickoff. Maybe 5 seconds left, Brendan up by 4.

"I'm going to score right now and you can't stop me."

I can't remember why I said it. I was probably pissed off about something in my overly dramatic college life. I was flunking out after all.

I was the Niners and I knew I could. Just get the time to let Jerry Rice run by the corner. Easy money. Been doing it all game.

Just to much time on the clock.

I did. I scored.

Brendan silently put his controller down and went up stairs.

I felt like a dick later. I had insulted him for no good reason. I was a jerk.

From then on the phrase, "To much time on the clock", was our "Dead man walking." Just something the player, knowing he was destined to lose, would say, in preparation for the loss.

John Effin' Madden Football '07

Happy Maddenday Everyone!

I've been buying this game every year for the better part of 18 years. I'm pretty sure I skipped purchasing the '95 & '96 versions. I've owned it for Sega Genesis, Play Staion 1 and now PS2. It is the only reason I would purchase an Xbox360. I've competed in 1 Madden Tournement in Santa Monica, CA. '04. I won 1 game then got bounced by some punk kid. Some of my most triumphant moments in life have come from playing this game. Some of the most embarrassing and humiliating as well.

God Bless John Madden and God Bless You.