Monday, December 25, 2006

NFL Week 16, or the Bears second Preseason

The Bears beat the Lions. The D looked beatable. Mark Anderson keeps making plays. Greise came in with the Bears down. Surprisingly, he did not throw five touchdown passes. He did lead a game winning f.g. drive. Whatever. I could dwell on the negative, but I'll just chalk it up as a meaningless game, that they won, with little to play for. (crossing-fingers)

Everyone off the Romo/Cowboys bandwagon now? Way to get a trip to Hawaii out of it, Tony. Way to prove you don't deserve the trip, T.O.

I gotta think it sucks playing QB for Nick Saban. Cleo Lemon gives you the best chance to win, plus he quenches any thirst.

The ESPN Sportscenter: Monday Night crew, Wingo, Salisbury and Hodge. Are there three guy on sports t.v. clinging more pathetically to their receding hairline than these three? I keep waiting for Merrill Hodge's toupee to hold out for more money, (truthfully) claiming responsibility for Merrill's success.

I hate the stat, QB rating. This might need it's own post. It's useless, telling me nothing about the game I couldn't learn from a box score. I can't calculate it without assistance while reading the box score, so I don't really know what it means. The Titans have won six straight despite their QB, Vince Young, having a rating of 69.7. Sean Salisbury's career rating? 72.9. Who you taking?


Badcock said...

The Bears victory over the losingest franchise of the last 6 season (and the worst 6 year run in the history of the NFL) is indeed meaningless. Almost all of their victories have been just as meaningless. Lowest opponents' winning % of any playoff team, ahead only of the plummeting (yay!) Colts.

I think that the QB passer rating debate deserves its own column. It is a secret, occult and occasionally counterintuitive qualification. At the very least, why doesn't it go 0-100? It's an attempt to blend a number of differently-weighted statistics into one number, but nothing in football should be so obscure.

Jerious Norwood said...

The Bears are doomed... doomed. Even in the pathetic NFC, they're doomed. Its now looking obvious that Jeff Garcia is going to bring the Eagles to promise land, which can only be great as this provides millions closeted racist sports commentators with grist for the mill. Merry Christmas.

Phil said...

Badcock-It is impossible to defend the record of the Bears opponents. Lucky, the wins they have aren't meaningless, they get a bye and home-field advantage. All we can do is wait for the playoffs.

Jerious-The Garcia love seems alot like the Romo love, and the Grossman love. It will soon be the Cutler love. The Head Chick In Charge has already wondered aloud if the Eagles are "playing harder" for Garcia.

Tim said...

I think Garcia is more deserving of back-up QB love then any Cutlers or Romos. In fact, I would be perfectly happy if Romo mysteriously got washed off the field by a freak wave and we never have to hear about the stupid Cowbowys again...Save maybe one TV shot of Parcles with that sad look he had through most of the Saints and Eagels games the last few weeks.

Eagles are stepping it up but I have a feeling all these NFC half-assers are not fit to get there...but maybe it's just me?

I love this blog idea guys KEEP IT UP!!