Saturday, December 23, 2006

I Like To Be Disliked.

I Dislike Your Favorite Team, one of my favorite sports blogs and inspiration for this site, has given us a shout-out on their site. This is the best holiday gift we could have received. Well, except maybe Brett Favre setting the career interceptions record against the Bears. (Quinn, you'd like that to I'll bet.)

Thanks guys.

We only ask that you be gentle. We are in our infancy.

Without listing everyone, the links to the right are all of the highest quality sports writing I can find, so far. Read them.


Badcock said...

I can't promise to be gentle, but I will be civil. Ok, not civil.

But as long as you keep posting about mashed-potato wrestling I'm a happy lad.

Is there a less erotic food than mashed potatoes in which to have a young lady sit on one's face?

Borscht, perhaps. Menudo? Definitely.

Phil said...

I don't think so, just saying 'mashed potatoe' conjures up images of women sitting on my face.

Anonymous said...

Well that's a bit worrying. All the same, we'll add your perversion to the blogroll. Good luck Phil. You'll find blogging about sports to be somewhat rewarding. Anything, even somewhat original you come up with, send to Will at Deadspin. It's sick what that site does for traffic!

Phil said...

Thanks Big Blue. I may contact you with questions in the future.