Friday, December 29, 2006

Todd Wright "All Night" is a terrible show. Jim Rome is better, although he has a replacement until next year. The callers ruined that show. I had to listen to music on the way home from work last night about eleven p.m. I love music. Love it. I even create it, but on the way home from work I just desire wasteoids talking about sports, with all the how ya doing's, am I on's, and all the "yeah uh" you can handle. Those were the thoughts of last night though. I have let that anger go, for now.

Allen Iverson looking real good in that Denver jersey huh? Interested to see him team up with currently suspended Carmelo Anthony.

Don't come after me Jason Taylor, but are you so squeaky clean that you can rip on Merriman? Admit it, you at least pick your nose don't you?

Scott Boras is a money maker. He is making baseball difficult for many. Have fun with Barry, Barry. Also, have a good time on that mediocre team.

Dennis Savard Brings some respect back to the Blackhawks. Still, I can't get into it unless they decide to play a few games a year on my television. Oh, by the way, I only get 2,5,7,9, and local Fox.

I was listening to Mike and Mike in the morning today. If you don't know who these guys are, you are probably missing something. A great duo in sports radio They are 30-30 picking NFL teams with the spread. I decided to pick these games myself. Why? It's a geek thing, that's why. Perhaps someone will take me up and make some money. Probably not.

On Saturday.
Giants giving 2.5 at Washington. I'd take the Giants here, wouldn't you. Washington really sucks. I hate both these teams. Go Bears!

On Sunday.
Bears giving three at home to the Packers. I don't see the Bears losing this one, no matter who is playing. Bears should win by ten I hope.

Baltimore at home is giving nine to Buffalo. This is a tough match-up. Nine is a ton of points to a Buffalo team that might be getting better. Hmmmm. I will take Buffalo here.

Cincinnati is giving 6 to the Steelers. Another tough match-up. I'm picking Cincy to win the game, but not cover the spread. Gamble on the Steelers, who have gotten to 7-8.

Dallas at home are 12.5 favorites against the Lions. I expect Dallas to come out and prove something to Big Tuna fish. Cowboys will pound the Lions.

Houston at home giving 4 to Cleveland. Cleveland sucks at 4-11. Houston pretty much sucks at 5-10. Phil Dawson all day? Maybe. I would still take Houston at home.

Indianapolis giving a nine spot versus the Dolphins. I think the Colts are struggling and that is a lot of points. Addai a bit banged up. With a ticked off Jason Taylor and Ronnie Brown, I would. Yes I would take the Dolphins. I hate the Dolphins. Go Bears!

Jax getting 2.5 at Kansas City. Chiefs here.

Minnesota at home gets 2.5 from the Rams. Rams.

Carolina giving three at New Orleans? Carolina will play against the scrubs early. Can they win then? You better hope so if you take this one.

Jets at home are giving 12.5 vs. the Raiders. Pick Jets to win but not to cover the spread. A lot of points to make up here.

Philly at home gives 8 to the Falcons. Take the hot team in the Eagles.

Tampa Bay at home giving 3.5 to the Seahawks? Sure, why not. See what Rattay did the the Bears? Take a chance here, though not too confident.

Tennessee giving three points at home to Tom Brady? Yeah right. Patriots.

Denver 10.5 home favorites over the Niners. I see Denver covering this.

And finally, San Diego at home gives 13.5 to the Cardinals. Take the Chargers? Two touchdowns for L.T.

Good Luck!


Jerious Norwood said...

I can only assume that claiming to like Jim Rome and Mike & Mike in the morning is some kind of esoteric irony that is beyond my limited sense of humor. For we all know that those deuschbags are unlistenable and only kept on the airwaves by the same people that voted Republican in 2004 because they're more outraged by the notion that gay people might get married than the fact that they've lost their jobs and sent their own sons and daughters to die for less than no reason. So having said that, please keep the level of rhetorical banter on this site to a level which can be appreciated by average loser watching his third consecutive repeat of Sportscenter at 10am. This is what Badcock does, and it sort of works out for him... kind of.

Phil said...

I Shelto's defense, with kids the radio is often the only source of information we can get. (t.v. being occupied by Bambi, computer to big a distraction for they my kill themselves while we read, no money for cable)

Compared to the wasteland that is sportsradio in Chicago, they are comparatively solid as an information source.

shelto said...

Ouch Jerious! One more person to take crap from. Would write more, but I gotta get to Hobby Lobby to get a sewing kit. I like sewing. Have anything on sewing? I create the fabric of Democracy!
Happy New Year!
Jolly Finger

Jerious Norwood said...

I hate sewing 'cause I can't do it... that said, Mike & the Maddog streams live online on WFAN (New York) from 2PM to 6PM Eastern time. Obviously, its more centered on New York sports, but its pretty good on national stuff as well. This show is the standard by which all other sports talk should be judged. I grew up in Connecticut which is how I first heard them. But seriously, you should give them a week or so, they're really good. I know what you mean about the meat-heads in Chicago, as I occasionally try to endure the Score (I'm a die hard Cub fan). Its a crying shame that a city the size of Chicago has no reasonable sports talk option, but if you have a computer.... and for some reason I suspect you might... maybe there is some hope. But for god's sake, never admit to listening to Jim Rome and/or Mike & Mike (let alone actually liking it) ever again.

Badcock said...

Dear Juicy Anus No-Wood,
First of all dickweed, I don't own a TV, let alone cable. I watch football at my friend-with-the-dish's house. He also grows weed. Sweet.

Second of all, you are a numbskull if you think Mike & Mad Dog are the platonic ideal of sports radio, while Jim Rome is just the shadows cast by the fire on the inside of the cave wall.

Too esoteric for you?

Raiders suck, Cubs suck, and I think you were exaggerating when you said your mom could blow seven smoke rings through one big smoke ring.

Phil said...

Jerious - Thanks, I will check them out. I don't use my computer for radio at all and I should get that rolling. We here in Chicago often can't believe this city has no decent radio shows. For my money, the best radio I've heard was Kornheiser.

Badcock - I'm glad we can supply another outlet for your bloodlust for trash talk. Who is your baseball team?

Jerious Norwood said...

That hurts my feelings, funny and deprecating variation on the moniker Badcock. Its hard to deny that the Cubs and Raiders currently suck, so I won't bother trying. Though I must say that while watching the Redskins lose pathetically with our mutual friends in Baltimore, I had a warm feeling inside thinking about how much it must be annoying you. Happy New Year.

Oh, and we're talking about sports radio. Yes, when it comes right down to it, its all inane crap. So implying that Mike and the dog don't have sex (that's what platonic means, right?) seems somewhat irrelevant.

shelto said...

Yo Jerious! Yeah, I used to listen to Mike and the Dog back in the days when I lived in Queens. They laughed at me when I said the Pacers would contend with the Bulls. The problem with east coast sport radio is that they live in a bubble. Sad and true and very real.
Jolly Fingers