Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Home Run Replay? This Face Say Yes!

Major League Baseball should implement the instant replay on home-runs.
Come on Man, How can you say no to this face.

One day I hope play in the World Series man. Not with Texas of course, we stand no chance man. Maybe in that World Series I hit walk off home run in game 7 man. I would not want that to be double. Double bad. Maybe next batter strike out to end game and lose series bro. Then Blue Oyster Club closed for Ramone. Even with handsome mustache. So please go with replay, I don't want to have to stick the Joker on you.

He bad man, man. He loco. He will really mess you up bro.
Instant replay be easy thing man. First of all I love tennis. Roddick, Roger, Nadal, rock solid man. Don't you love tennis too? Look at my eyes and tell me you don't. Anyway, in tennis, they have a machine that can detect when the ball hit the net for a let ball or faults like that man. Can't we run the same way along the outfield wall? If go over clean it beep or some shit, and if doesn't it is in play. Or we can get a couple of two of those ball boys and make them representitives to major baseball. Ramone like that idea to have one in left and one in right to watch the foul pole's no? Yes!!! Ramone would welcome such boys with open arms. Or we can hire more fat umpires and add more cameras in appropriate places, but would be boring.
One more thing before my cappuccino this fabulous morning. Let us not turn our umpires into NFL referees man. In NFL, referee cowards, letting a penalty go they may not be sure on. They wait for coach to throw flag for replay to get ref of hook. This is no way to behave man. In MLB, home-run instant replay will be easy for the insertion, restoring honor back to our umpires man.
See you after the game.
Stay thirsty my friends.

Love, Ramone

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