Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NFL Divisional Round

NFL Divisional Round
I kept up with picking half the NFL games correctly last week-end. My winners were Arizona and Philadelphia, my losers being Miami and Indianapolis.
I expect to continue that trend this week, picking from the heart instead of the awful truth.

Baltimore vs. Tennessee

Baltimore scorched the Dolphins. They never had a chance. The worst game of last week-end. This defense is playing better than any I've seen in a while. We'll see what Pittsburgh does this week.
The Ravens are a scary team right now. Tennesse's defense is no slouch either, and if Baltimore has trouble moving the ball, the game might be all about field position and field goals.
I'm picking Baltimore here. They are great against the run. Chris Johnson/Lendale White have been great this year, but McGahee/Mclain will offset them. Do you sense a boring game here. I certainly do. If I had my way, San Diego would go to the Superbowl. Ravens move on to the AFC Championship.

Arizona at Carolina

Carolina, Carolina, Carolina. Two great backs, a seasoned quarterback, a great wideout, and a defense that plays great at home.
I can't imagine Arizona going in and beating this team. It could happen. Big ups to the Cards for getting a playoff win last week. The defense showed up a bit. This is the end of the road though.

Philadelphia vs. New York

Can you really ask for anything more than a rivalry game? These two teams HATE HATE HATE each other, and there will be blood. I wanted the Giants to beat the Pats last year like everyone else outside the New England area, but the truth is that I hate the Giants. I can't pick them, and won't pick them.
With Plaxico Burress out for the year, you can see that he is sorely missed on offense. They are completely different. The Eagles have two great cornerbacks, and a pro-bowl safety in Brian Dawkins. Their focus should be on the run, and play man to man in the passing game, hopefully not giving up the "big play".
Philly will win this one on the road to meet the Panthers in the NFC Championship.

San Diego at Pittsburgh

In the AFC we have three great defensive teams. Then we have San Diego. I'm at the end of my post, and don't have much to say on it. I'm dissappointed L.T. is hurt again, although Sproles was fantastic in his place. Against the Steelers. No way. Big Ben is coming back from a big concussion, and his offensive line has been horrible this year.
In week 11, the Steelers won 11-10, in a very tight game. If the Steelers offense can't sustain a few drives, San Diego may have their revenge. This one is difficult to predict, but since I want to, I'll go with the home team fresh off a bye week. San Diego has to travel after an emotional win.
Steelers face the Ravens in the AFC championship, opening up the doors for an all Bird Superbowl. One, the symbol of The United States of America. The other, a bird that scared the hell outta that poor dude.

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