Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cubs versus Reds: Game 2

Ted Lily makes his Cubs Debut as he faces Bronson Arroyo, who smoked the Cubs on the mound and at the plate last year. It's going to be cold in Cincinnati, and may have some flurries, which leaves me to wonder how much baseball will be played today. I hope they get it in, because I will be out watching it somewhere.

The lineup remains the same as far as I know, and I hope I see the swagger today. Patience at the plate is going to be key as always. Arroyo boasts some nice off speed pitches that will test the Cubs today. If they can hold off, they might be able to draw some walks, which can lead to some easy runs early. The Cubs left 13 men on base during the first game, and I'd like to see that number come down below ten. Also, Arroyo, who Was named after the great actor Charles Bronson, gave up 31 homers last year. A good chance for our power hitters to wait around for that fastball or hanging curve to send it out of The Great American Ballpark, a tough place to hit.

On the radar for me, which includes every game, is "Jock Jones". He is a veteran, but sometimes he looks like he forgets where he is. I'd like to see him improve his average this year, and spread the ball to more than just the right side. He's a lot like Jeremy Burnitz in that aspect.
Always on the radar is the outfield defense. Concentrate on the ball off the bat and get to that spot as quick as possible. Know where your cut off men are, and don't try to be a hero. Keep those fundamentals in check.

That middle infield is going to be key getting out of some innings. The tandem of Izturis and Derosa is still in question for many fans, but I like what both can bring, as opposed to Cedeno and Theriot.

That being said, the bats need to come early and often tonight.

Good Luck Cubs!

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