Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cubs versus Reds: Game one thoughts

Win or lose, it's always good to get that opening game out of the way. The last two openings days, the Cubs scored at will and won both of those games. This season was much different. Carlos Zambrano gave up 5 walks and 5 earned runs. Matt Murton already apologizing for his poor performance, striking out three times. In the sixth or seventh as I was watching, the combo of Lee, Ramirez, and Jones went down 1,2,3 on five pitches. Aaron Harang smoked all the Cubs, and patience at the plate was non-existent. I will let this game go under the radar, but there was truly no swagger to the Cubs on Monday.

The line-up is something I would already change. I would take a chance right off the bat with Felix Pie. Trade away "Jock" Jones and a pitching prospect for whoever, maybe another fifth starter(not like we have enough already). Stick Felix Pie in right field and make him lead off. Alfonso Soriano just strikes out to much there, and is too much of a free swinger. I say the new order should be:


It may turn out the order is fine the way it is, but I believe this is the way to shake it up. Experience means a lot, but when our we going to give someone with great potential a shot. Pie has at least got to be as good in the field as Jones. Wrigley can be a deathtrap, but I think we should have Pie get used to it as early as possible. If not, trade him and let's get a veteran, defensive outfielder who has the same power as Jones.

Ted Lily faces Bronson Arroyo Wednesday night in Cincinnati. Stay tuned for pre-game thoughts and coverage.

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