Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Carson Palmer Eats Hotdogs!!! Hard!!!

Put yourself in the meeting when they went with this image. There were probably dozens of shots spread out on a table, or presented by powerpoint.

When they got to that one, a John Morrell exec say, "Stop. This one. It's perfect. Perfect for Carson. Perfect for John Morrell."

Palmer turns to one of his suits, "You guys think so? You like this one?"

Suit responds, "I like the way they think. It's perfect."

"Are you sure, cause it kinda looks, to me, like I'm about to devour a hot dog, that looks like a huge cock dressed up with mustard, to look like the stitching on a football. And I'm not looking at the cock, I mean, hot dog. I'm looking at the audience. As if I'm doing what I'm doing BECAUSE they are watching. Like I LIKE to be watched. I'm kinda uncomfortable looking at it myself."

Suit soothes Carson, "No man. Would I steer you wrong."

This comes via With Leather.


james said...

How does someone in that marketing department not get fired after letting that ad be published?

If I'm Carson (and I'm not in the closet), I'm going postal on someone.

Phil said...

James - Half his team must be making jokes like, "you look just like this guy we had in prison in that pic.

Jason said...

Palmer can't get enough!