Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Game 5 Recap.

Not to much to say, the Bulls shot a crazy good percentage and got Billups in foul trouble.

Game over. Ass kicked.

I never thought the 3-0 series count was a reason to break-up this team, but I saw the same thing everyone who did suggest that saw. The Bulls looked bad and played worse. They did not look like they deserved to be out there with Detroit.

But now the fight has been met. The Bulls got up and punched back.

Grab your balls, Detroit. Game 6 tomorrow. Go Bulls!!

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Anonymous said...

Games 1 and 2 they did what young teams do which is stand around and watch when the game plan isn't working.

Game 3 (3rd quarter aside), 4, and 5 did what veteran teams do which is make the necessary adjustments.

If they win another game they'll have a chance to make history.

Let's see how they play when people expect them to win.

Anyone who wants to break up this team is insane.