Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lance Briggs Is Losing The Hearts And Minds.

In sports, contract negotiations are always about the money. When it isn't about the money, it's about 'respect.' 'Respect' is easily quantified through dollar amounts, so 'respect' is also, always about the money. On the rare occasion 'respect' isn't totally about money paid, it's about being 'The Man.'

The amount of money it takes for an athlete to feel respected is difficult enough for your average fan to understand, let alone empathize with when they threaten a hold out.

And when an athlete says this, it is REALLY hard to believe all they care about is winning, which, as a fan, is really all I care about.

"I've talked to Brian about it," said Briggs. "I'm a competitor and I want the same thing he has. I've learned a lot from Brian as a player and a leader and I eventually want to be 'the man' somewhere. I want to be like him and have everything put on me too. Obviously I'll never be able to do that there.

"Still, had the Bears made me a long-term offer that I found acceptable, I probably would have sacrificed this desire and stayed. I don't want to be somewhere I'm not wanted long-term."

What does that mean exactly? Being a starting linebacker on a Superbowl team isn't cool enough for you? You don't get enough commercials? You want to play defense all by yourself? One on eleven? That'll show 'em who's 'The Man.'

Again, the money I can understand, a player has to max out the money he can make. It's a short life playing football. I even like the attitude, the high performance he thinks he is capable of.

That's not what this is though, at least not all of it. This is Briggs sounding spoiled, arrogant, jealous and ungrateful towards teammates that had a lot to do with his success.

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Anonymous said...

this is another case of a drew rosenhaus client making the claim of sitting out. it's almost as if drew doesn't even start the negotiation process until his star has made the "i'll sit out this year" comment.
javon walker
willis mcgahee
adewale ogunleye
clinton portis
jevon kearse
between him and scott boras, i can't decide which is more of an uber-bastard ego-agent.
(while i was reading his client list, i audibly gasped when i saw tommie harris' name on the list.)

Phil said...

Tommie Harris? That's awful to hear.

Whats the link for that client list?

Anonymous said...


Badcock said...

It is sad to see but we've seen it so much it's barely worth batting an eyelash.

If you already had millions of dollars, wouldn't you want something that money can't buy? Like a Superbowl Ring?