Tuesday, March 6, 2007

You traded who for what now?

Thomas Jones traded to Jets!

No, not that Thomas Jones.

No, not that one either.

Who the fuck is that?
Private Thomas Jones.
No. Thomas Jones of the Chicago Bears.

That's Tom Dore, play-by-play announcer for the Chicago Bulls.

You did him already.

Is that a platypus?

That's him!
Kinda small image... We'll go with it.

As I'm sure all have heard by now, Thomas Jones, and our 2nd rounder, has been traded to the Jets for their 2nd round pick.

This feels like when I'm playing Madden and I go to trade a guy I think has value, at least a 'B', but the computer gives him a 'D' and no one will take him. I guess he wasn't worth what I thought he was.

I'm not gonna get worked up about this. He's been a solid back for three seasons, but I think Cedric Benson, spelled by Adrian Peterson, can do the same thing. It also depends heavily on who we pick. We need to get younger on our offensive line, and resigning Lance Briggs (a big 'IF'), isn't gonna be cheap. This might be a step towards that end.


Anonymous said...

Jolly Fingers says this is a horrible trade. Lance Briggs will be here now. Jones is way better than Briggs. Money talks in this case. your turn TEXAS

Phil said...

jolly Fingers = drunk.

Tim said...

Which Pro Bowl did Thomas Jones get selected to.

Phil said...

Tim - If you are asking Jolly fingers (Shelto) up there, don't bother, he's what we call, an 'unreliable narrator.'

Jason said...

Not many people know that the platypus is venomous. Much like this dunk by Randy Foye.

Phil said...

Jason - A platypus is a pretty capable animal. The Wiki pages describes their ability to detect electricity from muscle contractions to hunt their prey.

I'm thinking it would be just as cool to be bitten by a radioactive platypus, as a radioactive spider.

What do you think? The proportionate strength, speed and abilities of a human sized platypus. The story tells itself.

Phil said...

And...Randy Foye is a freak.

Jason said...

Phil - - I'm with you! Both on the Playpus Man idea (get Stan Lee on the phone!) and the fact that Randy Foye is a freak. He has Situs Inversus you know...meaning all his internal organs are on the WRONG SIDE of his body.

Phil said...

Jason - I read that on your blog and immediately stole it for a post.


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