Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Uglies

The good news is the Cubs are still up 3.5 games on the Cardinals in the central, despite losing the first two games versus the Rays. The Cardinals have lost two one run games to the Royals, and man what a shame we couldn't even pick up one on them.
That's really it for the good news right now.
The Bad and Ugly:
Carlos Zambrano was taken out by Lou Pinella after 6 2/3 after experiencing shoulder discomfort. He has flown back to Chicago and will undergo a M.R.I. today. At 106 innings pitched already, I'm not surprised he has a little soreness! He is on pace to shatter 220 innings pitched this year, and even if he is cleared, it might be a good idea to skip his next start based on what the Cubs can do against the White Sox this week-end.
Jim Edmunds is suffering from plantar fasciitis. He wore gym shoes at times on the turf in Toronto. I have plantar fasciitis. It hurts bad. At times it is almost unbearable, and the only cure is good support and rest. This guy is old anyway, but has proven to be productive with the Cubs, and his veteran experience may be needed if continues to play the way he has.
Reed Johnson has back spasms. Any body part that ends with the word "spasm" is no good. So what do we have?
Matt Murton.
I've seen this guy play right field twice at Wrigley, and he's a disgrace out there. He can't read the ball off the bat very well, and is often just running blind out there. Sure, his bat is nice if he can catch up again, but I'd really like to see him packaged in a trade to the American League. I almost consider Murton bad luck for the team, but that's just foolish superstition of course. I believe he takes away mojo.
The Cubs struggles should not be long. They still own the best record in baseball based on winning percentage, and just have to much talent to go on an extended losing streak.
They are the Only team in the National league that has not lost three in a row. An impressive accomplishment.
Sean Gallagher(3-3) vs. James Shields(4-5). Game time is 6:10(central).
D. Lee needs to break out of it. He is batting .283, and Soriano has more home-runs(15), and has seen the D.L. twice. I expect at least a .310 batting average.
The baseball trade deadline is July 31. I always look for Jim Hendry to be active. The Cubs should be appealing to anyone who wants out. A.J. Burnett is a cry baby, quoted as saying "please" trade me. I'd take a chance on him. C.C. Sabathia is the gem everyone has their eyes on. Hendry says he is not restricted by future owners as far as trading and spending, so go get him. I'm sure if the Indians dealt him, the National League would be a good chance, based on what they can get in return.
The Cubs are almost there people, but if we can get a match for Zambrano, it could put them over the top.

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