Monday, June 16, 2008

The Most Exciting Event in Sports?

I was up very early this morning and have listened to two different radio shows on ESPN 1000, Chicago. Mike and Mike in the morning, and Waddle and Silvy. Let me say this: Golf is not the most exciting sport to watch. If I had to choose between golf and soccer, I would choose to watch On Golden Pond. All these radio personalities just raved how there is was nothing like the U.S. Open in all of sports, and if they had the choice they would watch that over any other event. This event is what gets them off the most.
I watched the last 5 holes of Saturday night's coverage, and had it on at work on Sunday before the NBA Finals. You know who I was watching? Tiger Woods. That's it. That's all. Yes, it was exciting, but over the Giants beating the Patriots? No way. Is it more exciting than let's say the Chicago Cubs winning a World Series? Absolutely not folks. How about game seven possibility in the NBA Finals with two of the most storied franchises? Never. As much as don't care for soccer, what if The United States won the World Cup?
Do you believe in miracles?
Tiger is why golf is so popular right now. I will not be watching the playoff. I'll find out later. If Tiger wins my reaction will be, "Well that's what he does, he's the best." If he loses, "Wonder what happened to Tiger?" In the newspapers and radio and blogs, the headlines won't even mention the winner if Tiger Loses.
Everybody can play golf, so I understand that there is a deep connection to the sport, and it is great. I love to play it myself, but come on, does everyone want a make-out booth here. Step right up to french Phil, Tiger, Els, etc!
Tiger makes this sport happen.
Tiger will continue to make this sport happen.
Let's not fill airtime with your idiocy.

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