Friday, June 6, 2008

Wood Leads League

Stayed up for the whole game last night, and it was amazing. A friend called me later and told me Ron Santo was a wreck. Saying "Why are they doing this to me". I understand that fully. The Cubs had the game in the bag early, but Dempster lost it, and still awaits his first road win.

Kerry Wood, while at times gets into a lot of trouble, manages save 17, to lead the National League. His line so far looks like this. He's 2-1, with an e.r.a. of 2.70. This includes 17 of 21 save oppurtunitis, with 7 walks to 38 strikeouts. As far as I can see, Woody looks great on the mound. He seems confident with the breaking ball again, and his fastball has plenty of bite at the end. Right now I can't question his health or confidence. Great call by Lou Pinella to name him the closer during spring training. People were screaming for Carlos Marmol to close, and might eventually be put there, but he is such a great set up man. He can pitch multiple innings, as opposed to Wood, who will not pitch more than 20 pitches.

Carlos Zambrano has pitched 86 innings. Dempster has 82 and Lilly 72. All of them are on pace for 200 plus this year. It's going to get hot soon around the nation, and these guys will hit the wall at some point, especially Dempster, who hasn't done this in a hanful of years. Our Bullpen is going to get taxed more. The solution? I have no idea. It's possible that Marshall will get called up to spot start, along with Lieber, to maybe give these three a six day rest between starts. It would be nice if Gallagher could go until the seventh tonight. Carlos Zambrano goes tommorrow, and if the Cubs offense can build a huge lead, I'd like to see "Z" come out early, letting Hart take the rest. He's fresh, and so is Cotts, who has looked very sharp out of the pen thus far.
Lou Pinella and his staff has managed this team great. He's a good leader, well respected, and reminds me of my grandpa. I just wanna hug him.
Mark Derosa has had a nice road trip so far. 5-14, with 3 home-runs.
Geovanny Soto might want to move to the bench a couple games and let Blanco play tonight and Sunday. He's looking worn out, swinging and missing, swinging and missing. Something is ailing. Perhaps his hands or wrist. He is an All-Star, leading in voting, so let's give the guy a break, Blanco has been tearing the leather off the ball.
Stat Note: Carlos Marmol has just as many strikeouts as Carlos Zambrano. 57.
Go Cubs Go!

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