Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bear Down!!

I haven't written to much about the Bears play-off run so far. Mainly this is because I am far to emotionally involved to write well about it. I'm to excited; can't think straight.

I'm also a Chicago sports fan.

I only have a limited knowledge of other cities relationship with their teams, but in Chicago, the negativity and expectation of failure is distracting, if not hurtful to the enjoyment of sports. We are always waiting to have our hopes to be crushed. I'm alittle sick of it.

I can be as guilty of this as anyone. When the Cubs were making their run in 2003, I was living in L.A. My attention, and the Cubs success, became contagious amongst my friends there that had no team. My normal reaction to their excitement was, "I'll believe it when I see it." When they had their collapse, I felt like the guy who never enjoyed life for of fear of life. I never really enjoyed the ride, and that's no way to watch sports. Not for me.

Last Sunday, I watched the Bears win a close game, drunk on Bloody Mary's, with many a friend. They won. We were happy. NFC Championship game was coming to Chicago. The last time the Bears hosted an NFC championship game Ronald Reagan was still in office, for fucks sake. The Bears were pounded back in '89 by a superior 49er's team, and never recovered.

So, I'm gonna go back to that bar this Sunday, get drunks with my friends again, and enjoy the game. I might be fifty the next time they make it.


Anonymous said...

Go Bears! Big time. I understand why you must leave me hanging at Jury's. Definitely enjoy it while you can. As for the Cubs, I was at school for the Bartman game. On the walk home I was staring thru everyone's picture windows to check any lead change. It took me a long time to get home. I got home just in time for the Bartman and Alex Gonzales error. I immediately went out for beer. I knew the momentum had changed. I don't believe in curses. I was bummed. So let's celebrate another team getting the chance for championship immortality.
Jolly Fingers

Jerious Norwood said...

Man, you must be one emotional guy.... zing! Kidding, just a little joke.

As opposed to you guys, I'm a Cub fan because that particular genetic flaw was passed down from my dad (who was a Cub fan in Connecticut since 1936 when he was 8 years old and even wanted to name me after Stan Hack, though my mom forced him to reconsider.) Anyway, I still listen to the radio that I heard the 'bart-man' call on, though it no longer gets good enough reception to listen to WGN since its lost its antenna when I threw it down the hall of my house and bounced it off the stairs. Scared the hell out of the cat too.

As far as football goes, don't you feel bad for not supporting the 'effected region'. You guys make me sick, don't you realise the respite that you'd be denying those poor bastards if the Bears win?

Phil said...

Rereading that post, it does need some more zinger's. Much to melodramatic.

I prescribe to the Barbera Bush line of thinking, they didn't have anything before and they're better off now. Like their fans, the Saint's should know their place.