Saturday, January 13, 2007

The real game of Football/Picks

What an exciting weekend of football we will have this weekend. Tough picks all the way around.
Let us start with The Ravens at home playing the Colts. The Colts defense came to play last week against Larry Johnson. I just don't believe it will be that good again this week, in a game that seems to heavily favor Baltimore. The Ravens in a close game, or else Peyton "I am everywhere" Manning blows them out.
Shelto Picks Ravens and the points which is four. Tough pick. Should be great.

The Saints of New Orleans play host to the Eagles. The Eagles are a veteran defense, but missing Lito Sheppard this week. Brian Westbrook is out of control with speed, talent and versatility. The receiving core can catch passes against the Saints secondary. That being said though, I'm taking all the home teams this week. The Saints Should probably outscore the Eagles, who's best game plan is to control the ball on the ground, hoping the defense helps them earn great field position in this one.
Shelto picks the Saints, but pick the Eagles at plus six.

New England at San Diego. Too much Marty bashing this week. I understand Tom Brady is a stud with the most moxy of any in the playoffs, but this is the end of the line. Enough said.
Shelto picks the Chargers to win and cover the four and a half. So sick of the Patriots. Go Bears!

Ah Yes.... The Bears at home battle the Seahawks. The bears have to be angry about things. Look for Lance Briggs and Brian Urlacher to have nice games, anchoring that defense. Rex plays smart and keeps it in his pants for four quarters. The running game for Da' Bears should get 120 with one score each from Thomas and Benson, while Mark Bradley shows up for a long TD catch off play action. A couple field goals from Gould.
Bears win big and cover the nine. Bear Down!

Happy watching!


Vegan Viking said...

This is often the most fun weekend of football all year. Usually memorable games, and all the best teams. Fun times.

Phil said...

Viking - It is usually a very good weekend. Let's hope for good games, and a Bears win!!