Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Feelings...Nothing more than Feelings

Great. So the Patriots are back in the AFC Championship. Again. How exciting. My hopes rest on Peyton Manning to boot these guys for once and for all. I hate the Patriots now. Like any team that wins too much. Sure, if you're from the New England area, this is bliss. For me, it's just like the Cowboys,Lakers, Spurs, Red Wings and Yankees. I'm sure everyone started to get really sick of the Bulls six rings. Except for me and my Chicago brothers and sisters. I am so bored of the Patriots that it makes me ill. If the Pats get in, and the Bears don't, I will not be watching the bowl this year. I work behind a bar on Sundays anyway, so I will be forced to watch the score. I now wish for a Colts/Bears Superbowl. Help make my new year guys.

Coach Marty should be back with the Chargers. Give him an extension. Give him some wide receivers for crying out loud! I needed four hands to count all the dropped passes out there. Personal foul penalties. The players lost that game for Marty.

The Saints march into Chicago this week, in what proves to be a tough one for the Bears. The Bears need to play better than they did on Sunday to beat these guys. Robbie Gould is money for the Bears and should get a lot of credit this year. He is a gamer, and I see him winning one more for us this week. The Bears running game was very solid. Thomas Jones just wills himself to be the best, and Cedric is coming into his own. So.....Can Rex Grossman read a blitz? Is he too proud to go down? Man, was I furious at him for that fumble. I'm sure grateful that Rashied Davis was one of the MVP's of that game. If he doesn't catch two big time passes, the Bears lose, and sports talk radio is even more of a drag. Thank-you Rashied!

Not much to say on that Eagles/Saints game. The Saints worked hard for that one. The Eagles should feel bad they lost of course, but they're run was full of heart and team spirit. I can't imagine how far they would have gone with McNabb. No knock on Garcia, who did an unworldly job. Maybe they don't even get in if McNabb was there. Who knows? I look forward to seeing Donovan back there next year. His healthy years may be behind him.

I split my picks this week, going two for two, and I think I was 1-3 versus the spread. I'm glad I'm poor and do not have an impulse to gamble. The spread is tough to beat in the playoffs. Look for my picks this week, along with my over/under calls!


Vegan Viking said...

I also hope for a Colts-Bears Super Bowl. That would be a lot of fun.

I also am sick of the Patriots. As fans, we all hope that we can root for a team that can dominate and make everybody else sick of them.

Anonymous said...

I was so totally bummed to see the Charger's lose this weekend. I mean despite the retarded penalties and idiotic turnovers in the second half I personally enjoyed seeing Brady picked off and better yet was when they sacked him and the ball popped into the air all sorts of rookie like. Nice. I can't explain it well but for whatever reason I do really enjoy watching Brady suffer (Manning too for that matter) and I do hope the Colts D continues to bring it against the Pats.
Their never ending playoff positions aside I find the Pats to be freaking dull on the field. Sure, they are GOOD and consistent and blah-di-blah but fuck it if it ain't boring as hell to watch 3 dozen screen passes broken up by the occasional 3-8 yd Dillon run...Zzzzzzzz...I feel the Colts use the same game plan except they cross out Dillon's name and write in Addai.
All that aside, the bigger concern is can the Bears beat the Saints? I think it can happen but, as you mentioned, they will need to play harder then this week and they can't afford a weak quarter like in the third vs. the Seahawks this week or the fourth against the Bucs a few weeks back. The Saints can fuckin' play...I don't want to see anything happen to Bears like what they did to the stupid-fucking-Cowboys a month back...

Quinn said...

Shelly, you should switch to the Gearjammer Method for picking games... 3 - 1 BABY! My best to Little Miss E...

Dave said...

You know... I hadn't noticed until now, but now that you mention it, I DO hate the Patriots. I don't like the fact that they seem to lack a media seductive superstar.