Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Beauty AND Brains?!?

Wow... time to eat a big plate of crow.
Congrats to the Champs on their flame-broiling of THE Ohio State U.
I have realized that it is now my solem duty to decide winners of key match-ups based solely on the sexiness of the head coaches.... We'll call it, "The Gearjammer Method."
Henceforth... The Bears shall win due to the fact Lovie is handsome and Holmgren just ate a porpoise. The Saints shall triumph for much the same reason. Bill's Giant Throbbing Brain shall send Schotzie home, and Billick's Glorious Mane dispatches the underfed Dungy.
I smell a Nobel Peace Prize.


Jerious Norwood said...

Not to be overly (though, I hope, substantially) cruel, Anyone who thinks that Urban Meyer approaches the concept of 'sexy' has the mentality of a sexually abused 15 year old girl. I'd suggest seeking help, though I won't get specific because I'm assuming you live in Sodom and Gomorrah (Chi-town) and not the undisclosed (god willing) locale of my abode.

Phil said...

Are you saying the having the mentality of a sexually abused 15 year old girl is wrong? Society will never understand the love between a student and their gym teacher.

Phil said...

I like the "Gearjammer Method." Cowher is obviously sexier than Holmgren. LaRusso sexier than Leyland. But is Riley sexier than Avery? We might have a problem with the method. Let's keeo working on it.

Quinn said...

Riles is, in fact, better looking than the Oompa-Loopa like Avery...

As for having the mentality comment... Jerious is just jealous that Pax is better looking than Ainge.

Don't fight your inner feelings Mr. Norwood, you know Urban has got "it."

(This has to end.. the Wife is giving me sideways glances...)

Jerious Norwood said...

Look, I'm filled with all kinds of self loathing, but I don't think its manifest in that particular way.

And Danny's a handsome man.