Friday, January 5, 2007


I am a MGR at a bookstore. My speciality is Shipping/Receiving. I deal with a lot of truckers. Here is a conversation I had today...

Trucker: "Hey man, you still likin' the Bucks?!?"

Me: " Yeah, they're gonna pound the Gators."

T- "Oh! You think so huh?"

M - "Yeah."

T - "Ohio State's D has never had to deal with all that speed."

M - "Dude, what do you think they said about Texas and Michigan? The Bucks can run with anyone."

T - "Whatever man, their coach is a midget."

M - " OK.. but he's a midget with a ring."

T - "Well.. Coach Meyer is better looking."

M - "What?"

T - "You know.."

M - "I guess.. what?"

T - "Sure.."

M - "Man, looks have nothing to do.."

T - "Hey! It'll be a good game right? May the best man win!"

M - "... Have a good one... "

The heart wants what it wants....

Urban IS sexy though...

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Phil said...

Is that why Charlie Weiss is losing the big games?