Monday, January 8, 2007


Thanks to With Leather and This Suit Is Not Black, for the heads up on this. Being Bears fans here, mostly, we couldn't pass this up. According to his website, he just got Bear's legend, Vestee Jackson's autograph inked this past Friday. Number forty-five and counting. I'm glad he's on our side.

When the aliens come, and they ask to see what a Bears fan looks like, I vote we send this guy.


dirty said...

The Buckeyes are on tonight!



Time to get tanked!

Yay football!

Quinn said...

You guys should send that mongloid to rep you.. he'd fit right in with Female-Packer-Fan-Wearing-Antlers, Gun-in-Mouth Lion Fan, Some Stripper from St. Paul, MN, Recently Paroled Raider Thug, and a Jacksonville Cracker.

PS -- I hope you were loaded last night Dirty....